A New Project From The GLADE Centre

Made possible with the Heritage Fund

The “A Place Called Home” project aims to encourage new conversations and new socialising activities to increase connections and deepen social learning around heritage in Somerset.


Monday 18 March – Monday 1 April

Latest information for this World War 2-era social history exhibition, with free entry, in a fully accessible venue will be open from Monday 18 March to Monday 1 April in The Market House, Castle Cary BA7 7AH.

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What’s the project all about?

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A Place Called Home brings:

A New Audience

New Materials & Activities

New Conversations

Participatory and reflective methodology

GLADE’s Connect, Challenge, Change Framework

What does heritage mean to me?

Heritage Associates give their perspectives through short sound bites


Who is the GLADE Centre?

The GLADE Centre is a global learning and development education charity and is known locally and nationally for leading high quality training, inspirational workshops and innovative projects that make connections between global and intercultural issues, and local contexts.

Global learning and development education is for everyone and is about respecting people’s varied ways of life around the world, understanding the issues that affect people’s lives and connect us all to each other and identifying what people can do to for a fairer more sustainable future for everyone.

Project Activities & Materials

This is an ongoing project. More materials will be added over time.

Heritage & Home Boxes

Gathering and curating collections of memorable items, heritage and cultural objects, books, photos, arts and crafts, homeware. Be part of a ‘people library’ to start new conversations and encourage curiosity.


Access new activities, new materials and be part of new conversations about home and heritage in Somerset.

Events & Invitations

Attend project workshops, try out new activities at community events and take part in new conversations.

Connect, Challenge, Change

Guidance and methodology for widening reach of critical thinking approaches to heritage. And to encourage a flow of knowledge, skills, perspectives & new conversations.